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Cooking Classes for Recovery

People that have a substance abuse disorder do a real number on their health. Instead of taking care of their basic needs, many individuals that abuse alcohol and drugs will stop sleeping, stop using personal hygiene, stop drinking water, and stop eating in lieu of getting high. This can get somebody’s body all out ofRead More

I Just Got Sober, So Now What?

If you just got sober, congratulations because that is a tremendous feat to accomplish. Now you are probably trying to navigate your way through the ups and downs that life generates without using something to make you feel better or numb out the feelings that make you suffer. There is hope for you yet thoughRead More

What are Some Reasons to Get Sober for Easter?

Easter is a fun part of spring when kids, and adults, get excited to see what the Easter bunny has brought them and race for eggs during an annual Easter egg hunt. Winter is coming to an end, summer is on the horizon, and in between spring surfaces bringing about new animals, chirping birds, bloomingRead More

Best Ways to Spring into Action in Sobriety

Now that the cold has cleared, and April showers have brought May flowers, it is the season to stop and smell the roses. The winter months are known to keep people isolated to prevent having to deal with inclement weather. Since the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping, the time has come toRead More

First Things First in Recovery

Getting sober can be an overwhelming process that takes time to resolve the ins and out of being in recovery. Once you gain sobriety, you may start feeling so much better that you think that you should do even more to keep up the momentum. The mentality of fixing everything all at once for instantRead More

Best Parenting Tips in Recovery

One of the best things that you can do for your kids is to get sober. Your addiction affects your kids in more ways than you may be able to comprehend. The actions that you exhibited when you were under the influence, even if you considered yourself “nice”, can make children feel upset. When theyRead More

Will I Ever Regain Happiness in Sobriety?

Getting sober is no cake walk. In fact, it takes some work to get sober and maintain it. During the time of learning how to live in recovery, some people have difficulty experiencing any sort of real joy. There are so many changes that are occurring mentally and physically that sometimes it can be hardRead More

Ways to Gain Acceptance in Recovery

One of the staples of recovery is acceptance. By using acceptance is your life, you can stop disputing everyone and everything as way of self-care. Instead of fighting what is out of your control, put your fight into letting your addiction know that it will no longer win. Allowing yourself to really use your pastRead More

Tips to Build a Recovery Tool Kit

Most people have probably heard that they should use their recovery tools to maintain sobriety. In recovery, it is important to build a tool kit to shift or relieve whatever is going on the present moment. The purpose of the tool kit is to keep someone on the straight and narrow when they feel weakRead More

Good Orderly Direction

When you read “Good Orderly Direction”, you may not realize that it is an acronym that is used in 12-Step programs for the word, God. While God may still be something that is uncomfortable for you to feel or to say, using an acronym may make it easier to represent what a Higher Power isRead More

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