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What are Delirium Tremens?

Alcohol abuse can produce a myriad of ailments that can affect someone’s health tremendously. Someone that drinks in excess will most likely withdraw from alcohol once the drink is taken away. Withdrawal from alcohol can be a painful and uncomfortable experience that can turn extremely dangerous from intense symptoms of disengagement. Delirium tremens can occurRead More

What Happens During a Liver Transplant from Alcoholism?

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD) is an ailment that is caused by a spectrum of damages through the abundance of heavy alcohol intake. 21,000 Americans have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to die of complications of ARLD. Years of alcohol abuse can damage the liver making it inflamed and swollen andRead More

Quality vs. Quantity

Americans are busy. That is a valid statement that describes how day to day life evolves as someone gets older. Add a significant other, children, a job, hobbies, and a multitude of other obligations, and what you get is exhaustion and anxiety. Feeling run down by mundane activities may keep you from missing out onRead More

Addiction vs. Dependency

Analyzing the difference between addiction and dependency shows that the terms may seem similar in connotation although the two have quite different meanings. While the two are defined differently, they can coexist with each other. Most people automatically link addiction and dependency together because they have seen addiction take place during dependency and dependency existRead More

Inside the Alcoholic Mind

If you are recovering from alcoholism or even if you are still drinking alcoholically, you know exactly what it means to have an alcoholic mind. The most baffling part to those who cannot understand addiction, is how someone who is alcoholic can continue to drink even with the high consequences that typically occur. When alcoholRead More

How Does Late-Stage Alcoholism Affect the Body?

Alcoholism is a deplorable disease that is indicative of its stages that become more progressive with every drink of alcohol that is consumed. Alcohol is straight poison and unhealthy in large quantities over a period of abuse. In many cases, the body can be rejuvenated, but in the case of late-stage alcoholism, the prognosis canRead More

Why Does My Face Flush When I Drink Alcohol?

If you have ever wondered why your face gets flushed when you drink alcohol, there is a real, medical reason for why that may happen to you. The medical term for this condition is called “alcohol flush reaction” caused by erythema that develops on the skin in the areas of the face, neck, shoulders, andRead More

How Deception Can Deceive You

Addiction leads people to do a variety of things that they would never attempt to do during their sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are more apt to take individuals down a dark path that they thought would not ever happen to them in a million years. Drugs and alcohol lure a person into thinking that theirRead More

5 Most Addictive Substances

The statistics of substance addiction have become quite alarming. Approximately 23 million Americans have been reported to have an addiction to drugs or alcohol making up around 9 percent of the population. There is no rhyme or reason to who will become addicted and it can happen with illicit drugs, medication, prescription drugs, and legalRead More

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