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Am I in Charge of My Own Destiny?

There may come a time in someone’s life where they begin to question what life is all about. How were they made? What is life all about? Are they living up to their full potential? This type of questioning can bring some real insight to what someone believes and what their purpose is. We usually figure out that we have no say in how things turn out on the daily. Although we do our best to try and run the show, our efforts are often shot down into a totally different scenario than what we wanted. This leads into the answer that it would be impossible to oversee our own destiny.

We are in charge of our own actions

However life goes, we have a choice to do the right thing in all situations. Best case scenario means that we are taking the lead to do things will make our life easier rather than making consequences that might set us back from living up to our full capacity. We are usually our worst enemy when we do things for our own advantage instead of doing what is the right action for our fate.

We are in charge of our own emotions

How we react to a negative, or even positive situation, is entirely up to us. Sometimes we fly off the handle and other times we will take a step back to see the circumstance in its entirety. Learning how to control our emotions usually takes some practice on our part to figure out how we should treat others.

We are in charge of our own spiritual demonstration

By getting ourselves centered, we can generate love and tolerance to those around us. Transmitting kindness can be passed continuously on through others. Meditating, praying, and yoga are great ways to achieve balance and harmony to pass on. By taking spiritual action in our own life, we can be a great example for others to see how tranquility can evolve.

We are in charge of our thoughts

The law of attraction states that concentrating on positive thoughts can bring about positive experiences, as well as negative thoughts can bring about negative experiences. . We must decide on which one will ultimately get us to where we want to be in our lives.

We may not be in control of our destiny, but we can control how we get there. Taking the time to be a good human being will make the destiny a more positive and virtuous adventure.

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