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What Are the Risks of Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs?

Mixing alcohol with prescription drugs is a recipe for disaster. A person should never drink while taking prescription drugs because of the risky interactions which can take place. If a person is not sure whether certain drugs are safe to take while drinking, it is best to avoid alcohol altogether. Alcohol and Narcotics Narcotic painkillersRead More

Know the 5 Signs of an Addictive Personality

The term ‘addictive personality’ can feel overwhelming, in itself, as it is not an official psychiatric diagnosis. Some people may be more prone to addictive behavior than others while many studies are still considering all the causes of addiction. There are five typical signs to watch for in a person with an addictive personality whichRead More

What Does Nutrition Have to Do with Recovery?

People who have abused drugs and alcohol tend to lose sight of self-care. Most people in recovery are not thinking about eating well in sobriety. The idea that nutrition is critical for recovery has not caught on with people and it takes some retraining in how people see and think of themselves, and their bodies,Read More

Why Opioid Use Follows Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Approximately 85% of people will need to have wisdom teeth extracted at some point during their lives. Dental procedures are not without risk, but young people who use opioids after the procedure may be three times more likely to fill opioid prescriptions long-term. Opioids routinely are prescribed following wisdom tooth removal. Connecting Variables A lesserRead More

How Do I Know the Markers of Shame?

People who wrestle with addictive behaviors are usually quite familiar with feelings of shame. Although they are not able to be tangibly seen, it can be a constant companion for many battling addiction. Shame puts people at greater risk for relapse. Knowing the markers of shame can be helpful in releasing it and coping withRead More

What Are 4 Common Addiction Styles?

In spite of what a person sees on TV or in movies, people with addiction are not all alike. Every person dealing with addiction has their own story and variations in substances, compulsions, triggers, and other issues. There are some common addiction styles that are helpful to know. High-Functioning Addiction People who are high-functioning withRead More

What Types of Treatment Exist for Eating Disorders?

Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). People who struggle with eating disorders die at a higher rate than those with other mental health disorders. Learning what types of therapies work can be essential to rebuilding a person’s life to beRead More

These Tools Might Help You Battle an Eating Disorder

Battling an eating disorder is mostly about the emotional and physical challenges that people face who struggle with food: smells, sights, and sounds that trigger the body’s natural response to want to eat yet fight back against it in the mind. Eating disorders are one of the most difficult, dangerous, psychological disorders because they alsoRead More

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