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What is the Difference Between Wanting and Needing Recovery?

Getting people off your back may be the only motivation you have to find a 12-Step program that can support you with total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. You could be only going to meetings because you know this will bide time until you are able to get back to drinking and using again. InsteadRead More

The Truth About CTE

The prevalence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has become more noticeable with professional athletes in contact sports such football, hockey, or martial arts and even in combat veterans. CTE is a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated jarring to the brain especially from concussions. Tau is a protein which amasses from trauma and other roughRead More

Why Do We Celebrate Recovery Milestones?

People who have become sober usually have two days out of the year that they spend celebrating a birthday. These two days consist of the day they were born into the world and the day that they were reborn into sobriety. The question that may come up for you is, “Why do you celebrate somethingRead More

What are the Five Levels of Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol and drug addiction rehab treatment has become a necessity to help so many Americans who have issues with substance abuse. With over 15,000 rehabilitation facilities across the country, only approximately 1.2 million people with an addiction are currently receiving help in treatment out of the 24 million people who are need of help withRead More

Why Holistic Therapy Works in Rehab

Holistic therapy is used to treat the body, the mind, and the soul as one entity. To keep integration intact for wellness, the entire person is addressed in treatment rather than trying to access the symptoms of an illness one by one. Instead of solely treating specific ailments, holistic therapy uses the attitudes, beliefs, emotions,Read More

Is Love Addiction a Real Condition?

“All you need is love” is a song that the Beatles sang in the late 1960’s that continues to interpret the same emotion that people still think is all they need in the late 2010’s. Love is an everyday emotion that makes people feel good knowing that they are adored which can lead them toRead More

OCD with Addiction

Over 2 million Americans are diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which causes someone to perform ritualistic behaviors and have intrusive thoughts. A person who suffers from OCD experiences unreasonable conduct that is completely based off fear. The compulsions are repeated actions such as hand washing, cleaning, counting, or inspecting incompatible elements. The obsessions are consistentRead More

How Can You Tell if Your Elderly Parent is Addicted?

The face of addiction frequently is represented by a homeless person and in recent years has begun to take shape in the younger generation through the opioid epidemic. Elderly people is not the generation who society looks to where addiction is concerned, but addiction does not discriminate against anyone who picks up a drink orRead More

Why Friends are Important in Sobriety

Words cannot even describe how lonely an addiction can become. Addictions are progressive and secretive in nature which will make you push someone away who you think may hamper your abilities to get drunk or high. Eventually, you may find yourself hanging out with your drug of choice and nothing else which is how yourRead More

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