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Are Safe Injection Facilities the Answer?

With the opioid crisis in full bloom in the United States, people are scrambling to find answers to decrease the death toll that has more than doubled with the current epidemic of overdoses. States across the board are looking into a method that has been shown to work in different countries such as Germany, theRead More

How Families Come Together to Heal

Addiction is a family disease. The person with the addiction typically gets the full blame because they are the one that takes the actions that get the family into the problematic circumstances that arise. Even though loved ones are not responsible for the drinking and using part of the addiction, often times family members canRead More

Are Stem Cells the Future for Curbing Addiction?

Stem cells started getting recognition over the last few decades because of the beneficial value that they were found to possess. These rudimental cells have the capacity to develop into many other types of cells in the body that bring about life and are instrumental in the continual growth of a person. A basic stemRead More

Resistance Vs. Persistence

Once you have taken the huge step to stop drinking or using and get into recovery, there may very well be some resistance from you. Big changes lie ahead and the thought of connecting the dots in recovery can be overwhelming. Taking this vigorous leap one day at a time should be met with persistenceRead More

How Do I Mute the Voices from My Schizophrenia?

Around one percent of the population is affected with schizophrenia with symptoms that vary from case to case. The predominant symptoms that schizophrenia is known for include lack of motivation, trouble with concentration, delusions, and more commonly, hallucinations. Schizophrenia is usually depicted as someone that only “hears voices” or is “emotionally crazy” which is notRead More

Best Ways to Finally Face Those Fears

Looking at your fears and how to eliminate them is daunting for anyone that is inundated with anxiety, stress, and well, fear. The overwhelming power of fear can surely paralyze you from doing the things you are supposed to do because you may be ill-equipped to deal with being afraid as most people are untilRead More

What Do You Mean I Have to Be Honest in Recovery?

People that have an addiction and have crossed over into recovery will need to reconcile oneself with an abundance of changes. To become fully vested into recovery, honesty is one of the most important aspects to strive for. Without honesty, the capacity for the addiction to return increases. If you lie in one area, youRead More

4 Reasons to Stay Sober This Summer

Now that the summer is here in full force, you have many reasons to stay sober. Summer is typically known to be the season of fun because kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful for so many outdoor activities, and summer is a popular time for people go on vacation. Many people foreseeRead More

Why Must I Share my Story in Recovery?

A key element in a 12-Step program is sharing in general way what it was like and what it is like now. When you attend a meeting, inevitably you will hear how others got sober along with stories of the demoralizing incidents that led them to start their journey in recovery. When you are newRead More

The Link Between Child Abuse and Addiction

Child abuse is often directly associated with someone who abuses alcohol or drugs. Around 700,000 children are abused every year in the United States according to the National Children’s Alliance. Somewhere between ⅓ or ⅔ of these abuse cases involve kids with parents or guardians that are under the influence. The truth is that noRead More

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