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Will Going to Rehab Cure My Addiction?

Having continued problems due to your addiction could mean finding yourself receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center. Although there is much work to do regarding your addiction during treatment, there is no cure for addiction. Only conventional abstinence can help to get you clean and sober which has been shown to be more statistically prevalentRead More

The Stigma of Mental Health Issues

In years past, mental health issues have been thought of as someone who may be insane and needs to be put into a padded room or a strait jacket to protect them from hurting themselves or others. The reality of mental health issues is that they are more common than you may think. One andRead More

What are Delirium Tremens?

Alcohol abuse can produce a myriad of ailments that can affect someone’s health tremendously. Someone that drinks in excess will most likely withdraw from alcohol once the drink is taken away. Withdrawal from alcohol can be a painful and uncomfortable experience that can turn extremely dangerous from intense symptoms of disengagement. Delirium tremens can occurRead More

5 Ways Addiction Affects the Workplace

When thinking about addiction in the workplace, there are certain industries that are more synonymous with drinking and using than others such as health care, law enforcement, sales, and restaurants. While some of these jobs have an easier access to drugs or create anxiety or depression from on-the-job stress, addiction affects the workplace a hundredRead More

Why Should Your Thoughts Follow Your Actions?

A well-known philosophy that Bill W, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, has passed on for generations is that your thoughts will follow your actions. In the book, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism: The Australian Experience, Commemorate, Bill Wilson is quoted as saying, “You can’tRead More

Will the Death Penalty Help the Opioid Crisis?

With the opioid crisis happening in our own backyards it is no wonder that this type of negativity has open the floodgates for people to try and do their part. Communities as well as state and national agencies are coming together in hopes of bringing better awareness to fight opioid addiction. President Trump has alreadyRead More

6 Things You Will Learn in Early Recovery

There is probably a lot of truth to you not wanting to get sober initially. Not many people want to get sober at first. The longer that your sobriety prevails, the more you will see that your choice to stop drinking and using was a really good one. In fact, addiction recovery can affirm someRead More

Cooking Classes for Recovery

People that have a substance abuse disorder do a real number on their health. Instead of taking care of their basic needs, many individuals that abuse alcohol and drugs will stop sleeping, stop using personal hygiene, stop drinking water, and stop eating in lieu of getting high. This can get somebody’s body all out ofRead More

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