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Will the Stereotype of Addiction and Recovery Ever Be Broken?‘

Let’s go ahead and face it head on, there is a stigma where addiction is concerned. People that battle substance abuse often times do not do things that are morally proper. Whether it is the amount of drugs or alcohol that are consumed, or the desperation to get their next high, people that abuse mind-alteringRead More

Good Orderly Direction

When you read “Good Orderly Direction”, you may not realize that it is an acronym that is used in 12-Step programs for the word, God. While God may still be something that is uncomfortable for you to feel or to say, using an acronym may make it easier to represent what a Higher Power isRead More

How Do I Make Recovery Stick for My Loved One?

Addiction affects every single person that it comes into contact with and not typically in a good way. If only you could do the work for the person who is suffering from substance abuse, you might make them stay sober. This may seem like an easy approach to take to help someone that you love,Read More

Methods to Building Your Recovery Community

One of the main parts of the equation in recovery is community. You may have been associating with people that have not been a good influence on you. People that are addicted to drugs and alcohol will lower their standards to be around people that will justify their own addictive behaviors. Once you get sober,Read More

What Role Does Spirituality Have in Recovery?

The topic of spirituality can be risky to discuss with some people that are trying to stay sober because the interpretation of what spirituality means can be misconstrued without proper knowledge of what it truly means. To some it is offensive, and to others it can be a great solace for inner peace. For someoneRead More

Inside the Alcoholic Mind

If you are recovering from alcoholism or even if you are still drinking alcoholically, you know exactly what it means to have an alcoholic mind. The most baffling part to those who cannot understand addiction, is how someone who is alcoholic can continue to drink even with the high consequences that typically occur. When alcoholRead More

Does Food Really Affect Our Moods?

Junk food and refined sugars are everywhere in today’s society. The hustle and bustle of life makes us eat on the run instead of eating for health. Instead of cooking healthy food at home, it is much easier today to run out to get a hamburger and fries meal deal, supersized of course, for .50Read More

How to Stay Busy to Avoid Relapse

Sometimes in recovery you may feel like you are bored due to the changes you are making. Other times, you can be unsure of what to do when triggers or cravings pop up. This can be a slippery slope for those who are new in recovery. Your mind could trick you in a variety ofRead More

Where Can I Find Recovery Support Other than 12-Step Programs?

12-Step programs are typically the first thing that people in the recovery world recommend for aftercare. Although a 12-Step program can be second-to-none for some people, others just do not get what they need from the 12 Steps and the meetings. Having some sort of aftercare support is extremely important and decreases the chances forRead More

How to Discover your Assets in Recovery

An asset is defined as something that is useful or valuable. In recovery, there are things that become your assets that you may have never guessed would be so beneficial, while others become advantages that you might not have thought that you could have ever achieved. Still these assets are discoverable when you commit toRead More

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