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Will New Opportunities Come My Way When I Get Sober?

As addicts and alcoholics, we are on the hunt to get everything we want and that still usually is not enough for us. Under the influence, our opportunities can be limited to what is offered to us because our substance abuse can make us act inappropriately without humility and graciousness. Once we get sober andRead More

5 Ways to Put Roots into Recovery

There may come a time when someone who has an addiction to drugs and alcohol must stop doing what they are doing. Most people do not come up with the idea to get sober on their own. Usually there will be a huge red flag that waves in front of them to let them knowRead More

Why Do I Need Accountability?

Addiction keeps someone who is addicted flying by the seat of their pants. Normal responsibilities may fall by the wayside for drugs and alcohol. Active addicts tend to have no accountability which can keep them disconnected from life the way it was intended for them to live.  Getting on track to staying sober should involveRead More

Tips to Disembarrass Your Alcohol Addiction

Most people drink alcohol for the short-lived stimulant effect. Alcohol, however, is considered a depressant and slows a person’s nervous system causing slurred speech and loss of coordination. When somebody overindulges in alcohol, there could be a real chance that they could embarrass themselves when they get drunk or even buzzed by falling, saying theRead More

Reasons Why You Need to Go to Al-Anon

Alcoholics can shake loved ones to their core with all the things that they do during the tumultuous times that an addiction is sure to produce. You may think that only alcoholics have 12-Step programs to attend to resolve their issues, but family members, friends, or co-workers that are affected by addiction have a placeRead More

Why is Sobriety the Best Gift?

The holidays seem to come faster and faster every year. Along with the quickness of the final months of the year, larger quantities of lights, decorations, and food are also purchased to emphasize the holidays. The multitude of gifts that are given and received over the holidays also seems to keep multiplying each year. ThereRead More

Reasons Why a Sensory Diet is Important

Sensory issues can explain how you react to sensory stimuli. You are either over-sensitive or under-sensitive when it come to your senses. There are 8 senses that are deemed to be affected when somebody has sensory processing disorder (SPD).   Visual – responsible for sight Auditory- responsible for hearing Olfactory – responsible for smelling GustatoryRead More

Why do Addicts Celebrate Their Sobriety Milestones?

As a society we love to hail life’s victories. There are celebrations for job promotions, baby showers, bumper stickers that acknowledge a child’s progress and behavior at school, and trophies for winning sporting events. Special events like these promote support for one another which is a healthy. Not only does it pump up the personRead More

When Do I Stop Going to Therapy?

You may have gone to therapy kicking and screaming as a way to get somebody off your back. Once you got there, you might have had a realization that what was happening during your therapy session was actually working and thankful for the relief you were getting. All the positive feelings you were experiencing couldRead More

Anxiety Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Anxiety is high in many people and breaking it down through your zodiac sign might be more helpful to see your patterns of stress. ARIES (March 21-April19) Being the first of the 12 zodiac signs, this fire sign is a trailblazer. Being full of energy and competitive makes for a somebody who is constantly onRead More

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