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How Long Do I Have to Stay Sober?

People that have an addiction to alcohol and drugs usually do not have the luxury to start and stop whenever they want. Once they have one drink or one drug, an allergy of the body will take over the addict to kick off a non-stop obsession in the mind that provokes them to ingest oneRead More

How to Help a Loved One When They Return from Rehab

When a loved one who has become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol gets sober and goes to rehab, it is an exciting, but also a trying time for everyone involved. On one hand, an addict’s loved ones are relieved that their loved one is accounted for and they no longer must second guess what isRead More

Why Do People Laugh so Much in 12-Step Meetings?

People who are newly sober are also new to having joy without having alcohol or drugs to accentuate their mood. Early recovery does not always entail smiles and laughter because the reality may have set in for what is exactly happening to them. They are probably getting and staying sober without really wanting to, whichRead More

How to Deal with Anxiety in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a time of transition and transformation. There are so many changes going on that it is not abnormal to experience some anxiety. Painful memories, shame, guilt, and remorse all may pop up once the fog of the drugs and the alcohol is lifted, and you can see your addiction for what itRead More

What is a God Shot?

When you hang around the meeting rooms of a 12-Step program, you may hear the term “God shot”. You might cringe because the use of God makes you uncomfortable. On the contrary, it could make you feel like you belong because you have an amazing relationship with your Higher Power which you choose to call,Read More

Ways Depression Can Affect Your Holiday Spirit

The stigma that depression is rampant around the holidays really happens to many people. Celebrating during the holiday season may be the last thing that someone with depression may want to do. Financial stress, social anxiety, and family conflicts may cause someone to want to lie dormant during the hustle and bustle of the holidayRead More

Is Everyone Addicted to Something?

Everywhere you turn you will hear someone stating that they are addicted to this or addicted to that. There is no real research that shows that everyone is addicted to something, just the percentage of people that are addicted to singular widespread addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, food, and gambling, or someone who might haveRead More

3 Tips to Connect to a Higher Power

Spirituality is a concept that can mean different things to different people. The concept of spirituality is one of a personal choice and not necessary one of a religious connotation like many people think. The main idea of spirituality has to do with one’s own perspective of what it means to them and trying toRead More

Is Addiction a Choice or a Disease?

Most medical associations characterize addiction as a disease. Defined as a “chronic brain disorder”, the disease of addiction is caused by the combination of behavioral, environmental, and biological factors that create changes in brain function. Addiction is a tumultuous situation for the addict and the people that the addiction comes into contact with because ofRead More

5 Tips to Disarm Your Fears

Fear is human trait that embodies our society everywhere with everyone every day. Other variations of fear include fright, panic, phobia, despair, angst, and the list could go on and on. Fear does not show bias to anyone as it prevails to make life more difficult than it has to be.   Recognize your fearsRead More

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