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Can Alcoholics Drink Moderately?

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that starts out differently for everyone. Some people can start out drinking moderately, but if you are a true alcoholic, there will be a time where you will cross the line of not being able to control your drinking on self-will alone. An alcoholic is somebody that cannot stop drinkingRead More

This is Your Brain on Drugs

In 1987, the Partnership for Drug-Free America (PDFA) came out with a commercial that had the best depiction of how drugs affect the brain. An egg was shown to represent the brain and a hot frying pan was indicative of drugs. The egg was cracked into the frying pan while you heard the sizzling ofRead More

Tips for Developing Roots in Recovery

Growing roots in recovery is a great way to ensure a future full of sobriety. Many people are under the impression that recovery is a tall order to uphold with all the suggestions that can keep them sober. Putting the same amount of effort into an individual’s recovery that was exhausted during their addiction, canRead More

What Other Issues can be Treated During my Addiction Rehab?

Depending on what an addiction rehab specifically treats, you can decide whether a rehab will work best for you. There are rehabs that will solely attend to just alcoholism or just drug addiction, but there are also rehabs that can help with a multitude of other issues that may have formed into a dual diagnosisRead More

What is Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry?

Paper spray mass spectrometry may sound like a very a scientific approach to something beyond your comprehension and maybe it is. First, let’s start with spectrometry. The definition of “spectrometry” is an instrumental method for identifying the chemical constitution of a substance by means of the separation of gaseous ions to their differing mass andRead More

Men and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are nothing new to our society. In the 1980’s and 1990’s eating disorders showed an incline in anorexia and bulimia, but the statistics have remained mostly steady since then. While these eating disorders are mostly associated with the stereotypical young, white women, an eating disorder does not discriminate regarding race, religion, sexual orientation,Read More

The Role Holistic Therapy Plays in Treatment

Holistic therapy has become more prevalent in treatment facilities due the growing emphasis of treating the mind, body, and soul as a successful alternative to a traditional model of psychotherapy. The objective of holistic therapy is to treat the addict as a whole instead of targeting problem areas for the short-term. Often people struggling withRead More

What is the Difference Between Abstinence and Sobriety?

There are no guarantees that sobriety will affect a person’s morality. Drugs and alcohol are only a symptom of much bigger problems that can become even worse in sobriety without recovery. Taking away the drugs and alcohol just means that – the drugs and alcohol are taken away. Abstinence does not mean that a personRead More

What Will I Get Out of Recovery?

Addicts and alcoholics usually look out for themselves trying to figure out what is in for them. You may have just realized that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol and are wondering what recovery has in it for you. Recovery can be one of the best things you can do for yourself becauseRead More

Tips to Learn How to Meditate

Meditating can be a daunting practice for some people. Trying to calm your mind to settle into a meditative state can seem impossible with everything that may be going on in your life. Putting aside enough time to do anything that can be considered meditating may not make your priority list because you may notRead More

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