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What Are Common Excuses for Not Going to Treatment?

There are two types of addicts – those who want help and those who do not. Trying to get addicts into treatment may be a struggle, but sometimes after an intervention, they may realize that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. However the addict finally gets into treatment really relies onRead More

How to Stay Sober on Halloween

If you are newly sober and Halloween is your favorite fall holiday, you may be nervous about going out to celebrate with your usual spooks. Just like any other holiday, people use alcohol to celebrate while addicts may use this as a chance to justify drinking alongside normies. Chances are if you are alcoholic, thenRead More

Should You Put ‘Recovery’ on Your Resume?

Although it is not necessary to put your recovery on your resume, it is probably in your best interest to be honest about your recovery to people that are in a managerial role. You may be embarrassed telling a potential employer about your recovery, but honesty is the best policy. Keeping secrets or lying aboutRead More

What is Chronic Drinking?

Most people like to go out to grab a bite to eat and relax with a glass of wine after a hard day’s work. While that image sounds lovely and refreshing, that is not how drinking is described for some that drinks to solely get inebriated. Chronic drinking is a stage of alcoholism that isRead More

Reasons to Work a 5th Step

The Twelve Steps are a useful spiritual tool that can help you to “clean house” or take a look at what is going on in the inside. When someone has an addiction, it is very common for them to destroy everything around them while sabotaging their own personal integrity. Addiction is difficult to come backRead More

Should You Be in a Relationship in Early Sobriety?

Getting into a relationship in the first year of recovery is typically frowned upon. There are so many changes going on in your life that a relationship can distract you from recovery. Addiction usually stunts a person emotionally causing their maturity level to possibly be the same age as when they started drinking and using,Read More

Having Fun Getting Active

Getting active and having fun may be considered an oxymoron. We may show resistance going to the gym, running, or – perish the thought – doing tons of burpees because of the work it takes get through them. Lack of time is another dilemma that prevents people from getting physically active because of the busyRead More

How Can I Help Someone to Get into Treatment?

A loved one with an addiction may have their grip on you with all the stronghold that their addiction can muster. Since addictions are powerful and incomprehensible, you are probably tired and feel like you can no longer go on in this mode. There is a way out that will not only take courage fromRead More

5 Healthy Habits to Help You in Recovery

Living a life in addiction most likely became an unhealthy environment over time. Addiction can make people form some harmful habits that can deteriorate their well-being. Substance abuse shatters self-esteem and robs addicts of their self-respect. Implementing a few healthy habits can make all the difference in how you view yourself in recovery.   JournalingRead More

How Do You Heal the Addicted Family System?

A fact of addiction – addiction affects every person that encounters it. The family of an addict is no exception. Typically, the family becomes so immune to the addiction, that the chaotic lifestyle that comes with addiction becomes the norm. Addiction creates a dysfunction that alters the dynamics of a family system. Family members tendRead More

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