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5 Best Gifts of Recovery

Upon getting sober, there is a remarkable change that can happen for somebody that embraces recovery. There are gifts of sobriety that can become apparent with someone who has started trudging the road of recovery.   Freedom   There is a really broad range of all the things that can make you feel free. NotRead More

What is a Designer Drug?

Designer drugs are synthetic or man-made drugs that are composed in a laboratory. They are put into a category of psychoactive substances that mirror the effects of other illicit and prescription drugs, although they tend to be dangerously more potent as well as addictive due to their chemical modification. What has made designer drugs becomeRead More

Ways to Navigate Holiday a Party When You are Sober

Holiday parties are thrown throughout the month of December to celebrate the reason for the season, to deck the halls, or to jingle some bells. While these events can be fun, they can be hard to navigate when you are sober. You may associate the holidays with drinking, but you can get through them stayingRead More

Is Chantix a Good Option for Quitting Smoking?

Nicotine addiction occurs when people smoke cigarettes. When smokers light up their cigarette and take their first drag, an instantaneous effect on the brain happens within the first 10 seconds and they will continue to pursue the effects ongoing. The buzz that a nicotine user gets comes from the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors which affect brainRead More

What is Drug Court?

There are many times that non-violent drug offenders find themselves at the court’s mercy when they are being convicted of the crimes that they have committed. They may be more in the category of a drug addict, rather than a criminal, although realistically they are both. For a drug addict, jail may not be theRead More

Eating Disorders During the Holidays

The Holidays are usually associated with copious amounts of food that can serve as traditions for many families. For someone who has a preoccupation with food and weight matters, this can be perceived as a stressful experience that may take away from the conviviality that the holidays are intended for. Along with the stressors ofRead More

How Do I Keep from Getting Depressed During the Holidays?

Finding holiday cheer can be difficult if you are battling symptoms of depression. Whether it be taking the kids to see Santa Claus, attending a holiday party, caroling, or shopping for gifts for your friends and family, it can knock the wind right out of you. There are ways to reduce the manifestation of depressionRead More

Best Tips to Being Present on Christmas Morning

Christmas can be a time for addicts and alcoholics in recovery to keep their distance because they can feel like they are outcasts from the rest of the world. Early sobriety can leave addicts and alcoholics seemingly raw. The feeling of unworthiness can arise in lieu of celebrating something as meaningful as Christmas morning festivities.Read More

What are Some Holiday Stressors that Lead to Relapse?

The holiday season can be considered a stressful time for many people even though it known for thankfulness, yuletide cheer, and new beginnings. Although the festivities are alluring, there are stressors that can become prevalent during this time. There is a hustle and bustle that arises amongst this season that can cause people to haveRead More

4 Misconceptions About Cannabis

There are many misconceptions about cannabis that has influenced the medical, judicial, and production aspects of its validity. Here are few examples of how marijuana can alter the public opinion and its usefulness. Marijuana is harmless because it grows naturally. Just because cannabis is grown mostly organic, does not mean that it does not haveRead More