Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness


We are taught early on in our lives that if we want to get our point across, we have be assertive. This can be misconstrued sometimes as being aggressive, or even in a milder state of passive aggressiveness. There is a distinct difference between the two words that should be recognized as such.

Assertiveness is a positive way to set boundaries and let people know where you stand. There is nothing wrong with having your own beliefs and opinions, if you let others have theirs as well. This is where aggressiveness can be a problem. People these days can be quick to give their opinions without giving anyone else’s a chance. With social media, it has become very easy to get online while sitting behind a computer to make negative statements that they would probably not make in person.

Being assertive shows that you are trying to be diplomatic by insisting on your stance for the better good of everyone, and not just yourself. Appropriately pointing out the cause of the situation at hand rather than demanding it will help you to amass the respect of your peers and show your leadership abilities. When you are aggressive, it can show a real coarseness to those around you that can get them to back off from you instead of supporting you in your cause.

Being emotionally centered can aid in how you are perceived by others. Accessing your circumstances in a way to learn from mistakes, validate the feelings of others, and gauge how others are reacting to your approach to adjust it, can be the very thing to further you along more successfully with the people that you meet. An assertive person is thoughtful with their intelligence, while an aggressive person will roll over anyone in their way to make sure that everyone knows that they are right.

The saying, “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy”, applies nicely in the search of finding how assertiveness and aggressiveness differ. Someone in the aggressive nature is just on the constant to hunt to prove that everything that they do and say is right without listening to the sentiments of anyone else. Assertive people make their intent to take in the point of view of others while going with the flow. Being assertive is a healthy balancing act that can make you be the very best version of yourself.





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Anxiety Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Anxiety Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Anxiety is high in many people and breaking it down through your zodiac sign might be more helpful to see your patterns of stress.

ARIES (March 21-April19)

Being the first of the 12 zodiac signs, this fire sign is a trailblazer. Being full of energy and competitive makes for a somebody who is constantly on the go. Slow down, Aries. You may like the challenge, but you can still be fierce while having some down time.

TAURUS (April 20-May 21)

Calm is usually associated with the sign, but do not mess with the Bull. Change can set them off causing great stress and worry. People under the sign of Taurus do not open up to others very easily which keeps their emotions locked in. Taurus, try talking to someone sooner than later to let go of your worry.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)

Worrying about small problems lead to bigger problems for this air sign. Fault-finding for other people and themselves are the things that drive them to stress out and then lash out. Get some new perspective and learn to accept other’s weaknesses as something you can learn from.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

On the outside Cancers may seem tough, but on the inside, they can be really sensitive people. Nothing is more important than the family so their insecurities come from making sure they are taken care of financially and being able to provide for their families. Try not to get too far into the future because not being present can affect the time with your loved one’s right now.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

This protective, generous fire sign is also charming which makes others take notice. Leos get stressed when they are unable to be in control the situation. Go with the flow and learn to stop worrying about things that are out of your control. You will feel a huge weight off your shoulders, Leo.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Organizing their lives becomes the focal point along with practicality. When things are out of place, so is the Virgo making for high-stress. Stop trying to make every detail perfect by overthinking it. Virgo, strategies are good, but action is better.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

This zodiac sign of scales is true to form. When a Libra feels out of balance, their stress level plummets through the roof. Tip your scales back into place by not taking on so much duty.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

Privacy is desired by Scorpios. If they do not get the consideration that they strive for, it will cause more stress than is needed. Set your boundaries, Scorpio, so that others can be aware of what is required.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)

Being confined is uncomfortable with this sun sign. Sagittarians want to do everything they can to experience living life to fullest and tend to burnout. Try to do some relaxing things to make up for the go-go-go you live your life by.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

Putting too much pressure is a commonality with Capricorns. Thinking that failure is a possibility can make a them get into a tailspin to meet deadlines and personal goals. While it is good to have ambitions, but lower the bar a bit to relieve unnecessary stress.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)

Although Aquarians do not usually impose their ideas on anyone else, they do want things the way they want them. If they feel like they have fallen short of their way, they will stress over every tiny mistake. You do not have to be high strung, Aquarius. Relax, let go of all the control, and reap the rewards.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

Getting overexposed and having their personal space invaded can make a Pisces up in arms. Crowds and public speaking fills them with stress. Have confidence in yourself because you are smart and people like you.

Life is stressful and not surprising at all why so many people have high levels of anxiety. Find something to curb your anxiety through adopting a less-stressful lifestyle. Mediation, exercise, and therapy are ways to dismantle anxiety.

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Ways That Journaling Can Help in Recovery

Ways That Journaling Can Help in Recovery

Journaling is a great way to write your successes, fears, desires, and pain. Taking everything down on a piece of paper can be a transformational by unlocking things from the inside to gain a different perspective on the outside.

Writing in a journal is a type of expressive writing that is different from trying to write a something like an essay or a story. The process of pen to paper helps keep yourself accountable to your goals, your emotions, your to-do-list, or anything else you scribble down. Getting into a habit of writing can be the most inexpensive therapy you can find.


Helps with getting to know yourself.


If you write in your element without trying to gain anybody’s approval and without being ashamed to write down the secrets that might be difficult verbalize somewhere else, you can see yourself on paper. Digging into your writing realm can help start the process of really getting to know yourself on the inside out.


Helps sort out emotions that cannot be resolved by thinking.


Your brain might have all sorts of ideas swimming around in it. Putting these ideas on paper, can organize all your erratic thoughts to get some better clarity and solution. By exploring the right side of your brain, better insight might transpire that would not come from a irrational thought process.


Helps with gratitude.


List out the things you are thankful for. Some days it may seem impossible to write out these praises, but once you can get through a few, then you might be surprised how much your attitude changes with writing down what you are grateful for.


Helps with setting goals.


Writing out your inspiration no matter how small or how large, can put your dreams into motion. Let your goals go free by letting them surface on a much bigger plane. Throw them out into the universe by handwriting them in a notebook to see how far they will go.


Helps with healing.


Journaling is a form of self-care that can be essential in helping get rid of old wounds that just will not seem to go away. Feelings can be released by the healing properties of putting a pen to paper.

      • Improves communication skills.


  • Arouses mindfulness.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Promotes honesty.


Getting an emotional connection to yourself through journaling can bring out self-esteem and self-discovery that might not have been brought to the surface before. You can find a less critical and non-judgmental process of expressing yourself in this manner. Get a journal and just start writing. Happy journaling!

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Are Mouthwash or Hand Sanitizer Harmful to Ingest?

Are Mouthwash or Hand Sanitizer Harmful to Ingest?

Alcoholics and addicts will do anything to get high. Once they are in the thick of their addiction, they will try to maintain how drugs and alcohol make them feel. Sometimes sheer panic can come over a substance abuser when their contraband becomes limited. Searching high and low for something to get them through the withdrawal becomes a necessity. Sometimes addicts and alcoholics have to resort to hand sanitizer or mouthwash to fill the void.

Unlike drugs and alcohol, hand sanitizer and mouthwash are readily available to the public. Drugs may be difficult to score and alcohol might not be available after hours. Convenience stores carry both products to make it easier for pickup. Hand sanitizer can be found in homes, offices, schools, and other public places where hand washing is a priority. Mouthwash is something that consumers take home regularly to prevent cavities. Who would have thought to ingest this stuff? Alcoholics, addicts, and teenagers can down these concoctions to avoid getting into a troublesome situation that drugs and alcohol may create.

There are many reasons that people start using mouthwash and hand sanitizer to get high. Since they are not illegal, there is no fear of buying or carrying them. Mouthwash and hand sanitizer both come in small bottles so they are easy to conceal or they come in big bottles that can be convenient for larger consumption. The price of either is also less expensive than the average cost of drugs or alcohol. Both products, however, contain ingredients that can be toxic for the body which can be a bigger price to pay in the long run.

Hand Sanitizer can consist of water, fragrance, glycerin, and alcohol. The alcohol that is included in the sanitizer is isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is also known as rubbing alcohol. Taking in IPA in any capacity can result in blindness, damage to the nervous system and organs, and alcohol poisoning.

Ethanol alcohol, which is the same alcohol that is in alcoholic spirits, constitutes about 30% of the mouthwash to act as a carrier agent for essential ingredients to help penetrate plaque. Mouthwash can also incorporate other alcohols into the mix such as menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate, and eucalyptol, which are not meant for human consumption. There are a few other ingredients that are harmful if swallowed that are added to mouthwash for medicinal purposes. In large quantities gastrointestinal problems can arise as well as alcohol poisoning.

If you know somebody that needs help with alcohol poisoning call the national poison control line at 1-800-222-1222 or you can use their poison control tool to deal with a possible poisoning.

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What is Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry?

What is Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry?

Paper spray mass spectrometry may sound like a very a scientific approach to something beyond your comprehension and maybe it is. First, let’s start with spectrometry. The definition of “spectrometry” is an instrumental method for identifying the chemical constitution of a substance by means of the separation of gaseous ions to their differing mass and charge. Then there is the definition of “paper spray mass” which is a technique used to produce ions from a sample to be analyzed.

What this means in laymen terms is that a sample can be taken and applied to a piece of paper where solvent is added. Ions are created that have a reaction, or high voltage, from the sample and the solvent mixing which causes what is now known as a electrospray or paper spray mass spectrometry. Although the electrospray has been known for hundreds of years, a chemist at Northwestern University, Professor Dole, began to study and test its boundaries back in the 1960’s. Since then, paper spray mass spectrometry has transformed into something that can be really useful for substance abuse.

In recent news, paper spray mass spectrometry has been linked to finding cocaine in an individual’s system by a mere fingerprint. Research was taken from two different groups. One group consisted of patients that were in treatment for drugs and another group of people that did not use drugs. Participants that were being tested were asked to wash their hands before the analysis was to take place. Metabolite byproducts of cocaine, Methylecgonidine and Benzoylecgonine, were to be found if someone had used the drug, cocaine. These chemical indicators would be found in fingerprint residue even after the participants had washed their hands to indicate if cocaine was in their system.

This may be bad news for someone who uses cocaine, but good news for law officials and clinics that may have cut down cost and the hassle of trying to drug test someone under the influence. Laboratory waiting time would be taken away and a positive or negative response to the test would take place right away. This technique has a 99 percent efficacy rate to make it a useful tool to test people that may be suspected of using cocaine.

Technology for drug testing continues to be on the up and up. Scientists are finding more efficient and simpler ways to help addicts get nabbed for drug use to hopefully get them on their way to help in recovery.

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