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6 Things You Will Learn in Early Recovery

There is probably a lot of truth to you not wanting to get sober initially. Not many people want to get sober at first. The longer that your sobriety prevails, the more you will see that your choice to stop drinking and using was a really good one. In fact, addiction recovery can affirm someRead More

What is the Marchman Act?

People that battle addiction may need coaxing at times to receive the help they need to keep them from hurting themselves or others. Many people come about recovery by being forced by the legal system or sometimes on their own due to the progression of their addiction. Other times loved ones plead their case toRead More

What You Should Know About Track Marks

Drugs can be consumed in a few different ways. They can be taken orally, smoked, or injected intravenously to get the effects of being high. While drugs in any form can be dangerous and hard on the body, shooting illicit drugs into someone’s veins can take drugs to a whole other extreme. The drugs areRead More

Tips to Grieve in Recovery

Dying is a fact of life that we unfortunately must deal with. When someone dies we may intuitively think that we cannot get through losing them without picking up a drug or drink during this time. Without processing how death will affect us, this could be a lurking reservation that might creep up on usRead More

How Can I Become Optimistic?

One of the best ways to see where your outlook stands is to decide if you view the glass half-full or half-empty. This has become one of the best psychological indicators to analyze whether you have a negative or positive perspective. If you were to look at the glass half-full, that would signal that youRead More

The Role Nutrition Plays in Detox

Addiction will suck the life right out of you and the double-edged sword is that if you stop taking drugs and alcohol, you will get sick from withdrawal symptoms. Once you do make the decision to get and stay sober, you will inherently feel pretty bad for a few days to a few weeks whileRead More

Best Ways to Spring into Action in Sobriety

Now that the cold has cleared, and April showers have brought May flowers, it is the season to stop and smell the roses. The winter months are known to keep people isolated to prevent having to deal with inclement weather. Since the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping, the time has come toRead More

Reasons Why People Join 12-Step Programs

12-Step programs are often times the next phase when someone gets out of a rehabilitation facility. Many treatment centers use the 12-Step perspective while they are caring for their clients. Patients already have the proclivity that going to a 12-Step Program can help them to continue staying sober if they use the practices that areRead More

How Do I Know if I am Ready to Sponsor?

Sponsorship is a key element in helping someone to stay sober. The duty of a sponsor is to guide a sponsee through the 12-Steps while directing them how to handle the happenings of life by practicing the spiritual principles of the program. The fear that many people have with sponsoring other people is the possibilityRead More