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Marriage Tips in Recovery

Relationships are hard to navigate for most people. There is an unwritten rule that somewhere along the line we are usually harder on the ones that we are the closest to and kinder to the acquaintances that we just met. When we get married, our relationship creates a whole new set of expectations and situationsRead More

Are You Addicted to Love?

Love is one those things that we are taught to sense early on. From the moment we are born, some of us felt the unconditional love that only a parent can feel for their child. Some of us, however, felt neglected from the first moment that we could even remember. We honestly did not knowRead More

Reasons Why You Need to Go to Al-Anon

Alcoholics can shake loved ones to their core with all the things that they do during the tumultuous times that an addiction is sure to produce. You may think that only alcoholics have 12-Step programs to attend to resolve their issues, but family members, friends, or co-workers that are affected by addiction have a placeRead More

How do I Overcome Shame and Guilt at Family Gatherings?

Addicts are notorious for doing anything in their power to get what they need to keep doing what they are doing. This will make them do certain things that they could not fathom doing while they were sober. When addicts need to relieve the obsession that develops in their brains from drugs and alcohol, itRead More

How Can I Ward Off a Toxic Family Member?

Having people around that are toxic is not good for quality of life. Friends that push buttons and are calculating can be easier to let go off once they cross the line of being unsupportive because they are just friends. What happens when it is your family? Do you just let go of somebody thatRead More

What is a God Shot?

When you hang around the meeting rooms of a 12-Step program, you may hear the term “God shot”. You might cringe because the use of God makes you uncomfortable. On the contrary, it could make you feel like you belong because you have an amazing relationship with your Higher Power which you choose to call,Read More

Tips to Reconnect with Your Family Before the Holidays

Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone that it comes in contact with. Once an addict gets sober, it is not likely that life will become automatically better without some work on themselves and the relationships that are important to them. Addicts in recovery should learn to take responsibility for their actions. By doingRead More