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6 Things You Will Learn in Early Recovery

There is probably a lot of truth to you not wanting to get sober initially. Not many people want to get sober at first. The longer that your sobriety prevails, the more you will see that your choice to stop drinking and using was a really good one. In fact, addiction recovery can affirm someRead More

A Suicide Pact: Signs to Look For

Although suicide pacts only make up one percent of suicides, anytime that a life can be spared from suicide is considered a success. Suicide typically emerges from misery and desperation and a suicide pact is no different. When a two or more decide that they must take their own lives, there are certainly deeper issuesRead More

10 Reasons Why Doing a Tenth Step is Beneficial

The 12 Steps are valuable set of tools that can help you to get to know yourself better and teach you how to have relationships with others in recovery including your Higher Power. The Tenth Step models a list of questions out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, page 86. Were we resentful, selfish,Read More

6 Reasons Why it is Good to Be in Recovery

Getting sober is not normally included in the statement of what someone wishes to do when they grow up. Once someone makes up their mind to get sober, they usually have to be pretty badly mangled by drugs and alcohol to even commence to try and get sober. Being in recovery can be a difficultRead More

Animals Amid Addiction Recovery

Maybe you have been on airplane lately pondering on whether someone really needs to bring their dog onboard, or even their pet peacock, as an “emotional support” animal. People have been known to handle stressful situations better, including turbulent plane rides, with the help of an animal that they receive good energy from. Studies haveRead More

6 Signs You are an Eternal Optimist in Recovery

An eternal optimist is someone that stays positive through the vicissitudes of life. This type of person does not lose their faith no matter what takes place in life. By displaying hopefulness in all facets of your life, people will begin to feel assured around you especially if you are viewed as an eternal optimist.Read More

Should I Be Reckoning with my Higher Power?

Trying to find the relationship you are supposed to have with your Higher Power to stay sober might have become a much more difficult task than you realized. Discovering the conception of a power greater than yourself oftentimes is not as black and white as you hear about. Many people in recovery have been knownRead More

Marriage Tips in Recovery

Relationships are hard to navigate for most people. There is an unwritten rule that somewhere along the line we are usually harder on the ones that we are the closest to and kinder to the acquaintances that we just met. When we get married, our relationship creates a whole new set of expectations and situationsRead More