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A Suicide Pact: Signs to Look For

Although suicide pacts only make up one percent of suicides, anytime that a life can be spared from suicide is considered a success. Suicide typically emerges from misery and desperation and a suicide pact is no different. When a two or more decide that they must take their own lives, there are certainly deeper issuesRead More

Should Pregnant Women Continue to Take Their Psych Medications?

Over 500,000 pregnancies each year involve women that have a looming mental health issue or have already been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition. Atypical medications are used for 30 percent of women that are pregnant who may need to continue to take these medications to relieve the symptoms that have developed with their mental healthRead More

What is Bipolar II?

A mental illness that is characterized by uncontrollable mood swings that dips from highs to lows is Bipolar II. There are four different classifications of bipolar and Bipolar II is slightly more common than Bipolar I. Onset for Bipolar II usually appears around the age of 21 with a higher frequency in women as opposedRead More

What is ADHD?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder started as a way to diagnose “unruly children that would not mind their parents or teachers”. Research for ADHD started in 1902 by a British pediatrician. Sir George Still found that some children were affected with “an abnormal defect” that still were highly intelligent. Over the years ADHD has changed its faceRead More

Inside the Alcoholic Mind

If you are recovering from alcoholism or even if you are still drinking alcoholically, you know exactly what it means to have an alcoholic mind. The most baffling part to those who cannot understand addiction, is how someone who is alcoholic can continue to drink even with the high consequences that typically occur. When alcoholRead More

Tips to Regain Your Gratitude

Addiction strips away, little by little, all that is good from a person who is struggling with drugs and alcohol. One of the first things that seems to go away is the level of gratitude that a person expresses due to the entitlement and selfishness that begins to consume them as their addiction begins toRead More

How Do I Differentiate My Wants from My Needs?

Commonly we all want the things that we want when we want them. Especially when we are under the spell of our addictions, the addiction will tell us to do whatever it takes to get whatever we need to feel that high. Even when we get sober, it can be hard to differentiate our wantsRead More

How to Move Onward with Resentments

People that are stuck in the past keep reliving the things that could have happened months, even years ago. Not letting go of the things of yesteryear can really put a damper on moving forward due to the resentments that keep recurring. The word resentment is usually misunderstood especially with its relevance in keeping someoneRead More

Tips to Avoid Loneliness

There are people that a live a life of loneliness even though they may be surrounded by numerous people. You may have a huge family, a host of friends, and co-workers and clients that you interact with on a regular basis. Since loneliness is a feeling, your surroundings may not match the emotions running throughRead More