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Will the Death Penalty Help the Opioid Crisis?

With the opioid crisis happening in our own backyards it is no wonder that this type of negativity has open the floodgates for people to try and do their part. Communities as well as state and national agencies are coming together in hopes of bringing better awareness to fight opioid addiction. President Trump has alreadyRead More

What Drugs are Opiates?

A drug that has morphine-like effects that are developed from the opium poppy flowering plant species is considered a natural opiate. Extracting the milky fluid called the latex which is drawn out from the pod of an opium poppy has been dated back to antiquity and used for recreational and medicinal purposes. While most opiatesRead More

What You Should Know About Suboxone

Medical-Assisted Treatment uses FDA-approved medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to attend to substance abuse. The approach is meant to treat the whole patient to provide better results in getting sober. One of the ways that opiate abuse is managed is through the prescription drug, Suboxone. Buprenorphine and Naloxone are mixed together toRead More

What Does It Mean to “Chase the Dragon”?

Drug lingo is a part of an underground language that is meant to keep terms at bay to so that authorities will not catch wind of what is actually going on. People that buy drugs or sell drugs will use a secret language on text, a phone call or FaceTime, or even on email toRead More

Inside Time Magazine’s Opioid Diaries

Time Magazine describes the opioid crisis to be “the worst addiction epidemic in American history”. This statement is absolutely 100 percent accurate. To better educate the American people, Time Magazine came out with an editorial special report called the “Opioid Diaries” to illustrate what happens before, after, and during an overdose. By publishing the articleRead More

Juuling vs. Vaping

Smoking cigarettes used to be something that the “cool” kids did and in the last 40 years, rates have fallen with smoking teens by nearly 24 percent. The health-risks that have been associated with cigarettes along with higher taxes, have caused a damper on the popularity that cigarettes once had. The littering of cigarettes, andRead More

Is it a Crime to Relapse?

The United States is a free country which gives people the right to build a legal case to take to the courts no matter how frivolous they may seem. The Massachusetts Supreme Court has a big decision to make in the appeal of Julie Eldred. The court has a case to hear that is basedRead More

Acknowledgement vs. Denial

Someone who has battled drugs and alcohol will usually come to a crossroads to ponder on their addiction. That jumping off point will revolve around the question of whether they can embrace that they either are, or they are not, someone that needs help with addiction recovery. Denial is not just a river in EgyptRead More

How to Keep My Job with My Addiction

Overcoming your addiction without losing your career may be something that you worry about quite frequently. You are probably tired of trying to juggle the stresses of your job and maintain everything that comes along with hiding an addiction from your boss. The biggest concern you may have is losing what you worked so hardRead More

How Vivitrol Works for Addiction

Some people that get sober need more assistance than others to try to get rid of their triggers and cravings. Antabuse, Campral, and Suboxone are all medicines that can help to curb the hankering for drugs and alcohol for someone that abuses them. Another abuse-deterring medicine that can be helpful for someone that is strugglingRead More