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What is a Social-Media Induced Eating Disorder?

Everywhere you look on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you may see ads of health regimens that can show you how to look better, feel better, or eat better. Once you click on one of these sponsored ads when your interest is peaked, you may see more and more of the ads pop up in yourRead More

Ultimate Guide for A Recovery Detox Diet

Someone that has suffered from an addiction for any amount of time can do some real damage to their body. Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on the body especially with heavy abuse because the addiction usually takes precedence over a person’s diet. Addiction can usually cause the body to be nutrient deficient which can poseRead More

Should A Police Officer Be Arrested for DUI?

Stories have surfaced about police officers protecting their own when it comes to disobeying the law. While, this may seem enabling to someone that really should be reprimanded for their mistakes, this has happened in the past. Although our policemen protect us from dangerous threats and should be protected for their valiant efforts, this doesRead More

Tips to Cope with Your Teen’s Addiction

Commonly people associate addiction with people that are older for a couple of reasons. There is an age requirement for someone to be allowed to legally drink or use or having denial that their young loved ones could take the wrong path into addiction. These are reasons that keep people justifying in their minds thatRead More

What is Phenibut?

Dietary supplements can be legally purchased and sold in the United States even if they are unregulated or approved for medical use. Phenibut is one of those drug supplements that falls into the uncontrolled category of drugs in the US that is still unknown although it can be deadly when abused. The use of PhenibutRead More

4 Things That Are Important to Do After Rehab

You may have found yourself some security from your addiction while you were surrounded by the walls of your rehabilitation facility to receive the help that you desperately needed. Unfortunately, the road to recovery does not end here. Now that you have made it out of treatment, there are some important things that you needRead More

Does Art Therapy Help with Anxiety?

Self-expression is an important part of how a person develops their character, navigates their daily life, and connects with others around them. One of the ways that people have commonly expressed themselves is through their art. Using art as a therapeutic means of self-expression has been shown to make some headway in reducing the anxietyRead More

Ways You Can Define Your Higher Power

For someone who has had a religious background, they may find the Higher Power concept in a 12-Step program comforting and make them feel at home. For many others that may have had an off-putting experience with church growing up that makes them feel more distressed than at ease, they may have found themselves withRead More

Is Cocaethylene Dangerous?

Mixing drugs and alcohol can produce dangerous side effects and increase the risk of overdose or death. Most people are unaware of the consequences that happen when they drink and use drugs simultaneously or care more about the high they get then worry about the repercussion that they will face. Not too many individuals thatRead More

What You Should Know About Drug Trafficking

Movies portray people that are considered drug lords as these rich, powerful, and corrupt individuals that have everything at their fingertips that they could possibly want. This may be how a drug cartel likes the world to view to their life even though the real downfall is the negative effect their drugs have on theRead More