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Reasons Why People Join 12-Step Programs

12-Step programs are often times the next phase when someone gets out of a rehabilitation facility. Many treatment centers use the 12-Step perspective while they are caring for their clients. Patients already have the proclivity that going to a 12-Step Program can help them to continue staying sober if they use the practices that areRead More

How Do I Know if I am Ready to Sponsor?

Sponsorship is a key element in helping someone to stay sober. The duty of a sponsor is to guide a sponsee through the 12-Steps while directing them how to handle the happenings of life by practicing the spiritual principles of the program. The fear that many people have with sponsoring other people is the possibilityRead More

What is Bipolar II?

A mental illness that is characterized by uncontrollable mood swings that dips from highs to lows is Bipolar II. There are four different classifications of bipolar and Bipolar II is slightly more common than Bipolar I. Onset for Bipolar II usually appears around the age of 21 with a higher frequency in women as opposedRead More

First Things First in Recovery

Getting sober can be an overwhelming process that takes time to resolve the ins and out of being in recovery. Once you gain sobriety, you may start feeling so much better that you think that you should do even more to keep up the momentum. The mentality of fixing everything all at once for instantRead More

What is Your Recovery Language?

If you have ever heard of the book, The Five Love Languages, you will read in that book that are ways to communicate with the people that you love by using the love language that they speak. The same goes in recovery with having a need to communicate with people as a lifeline to hearRead More

Best Parenting Tips in Recovery

One of the best things that you can do for your kids is to get sober. Your addiction affects your kids in more ways than you may be able to comprehend. The actions that you exhibited when you were under the influence, even if you considered yourself “nice”, can make children feel upset. When theyRead More

Will I Ever Regain Happiness in Sobriety?

Getting sober is no cake walk. In fact, it takes some work to get sober and maintain it. During the time of learning how to live in recovery, some people have difficulty experiencing any sort of real joy. There are so many changes that are occurring mentally and physically that sometimes it can be hardRead More

What is ADHD?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder started as a way to diagnose “unruly children that would not mind their parents or teachers”. Research for ADHD started in 1902 by a British pediatrician. Sir George Still found that some children were affected with “an abnormal defect” that still were highly intelligent. Over the years ADHD has changed its faceRead More

What is the Role of a Gateway Drug?

You may hear time and again that hanging around the wrong people may be the gateway that leads you to do things that you might not have had previous knowledge about before. Hanging around the older, “cooler” crowd might really translate to “people who do drugs and drink alcohol”. The definition of a gateway drugRead More